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About Us

Tube fashion designing enterprise started in April 2006 at our dinning room in Medway Kent, as a home-based fashion business, on a shoestring budget. We researched and found a gap in tailoring / clothing repairs services.  This opportunity prompted us to meet these needs and operating flexible and late consultation hours just providing garment alteration services at home and traveling to customers' homes to take orders as well. Soon by 'word-of-mouth',  our customer-base grew coupled with a few car parking spaces for visiting clients, we moved to the high street where we now meet daily demands of clothing technical requirements. Currently, our designing and tailoring passion is still evolving. Our customers are quite satisfied!

It may interest you that we launched our first range of clothing collections at our first fashion show July 2013 show,  had a couple of photo shoots for our new prototype in 3 months! We plan our next fashion show for 2015. We have also launched stylish denim garments with a touch of colourful wax / print fabrics, to meet daily work or Ciy travel lifestyle requirements.

Owner / Founder-Tube Fashion Ltd.

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