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Tailoring Services

Minimal Tailoring Alterations Services


Opening Times : Mon - Fri 9am -4pm, Sat & Sun 10- 3pm


Shorten Sleeves                                               from £20
Shoulder narrowing                                         from £60
Bodice  reduction                                             from £25
Hem reduction                                                  from £25
Neckline re-structure                                       from £40
Re-lining (full)                                                   from £70
Re-lining (half)                                                  from  £40


Hem reduction  (Lined)                                    from   £15
Hem reduction  (not Lined)                              from  £10
Zip replacement  (Concealed)                          from  £20
Zip replacement  (Normal)                                from £15
Waistline adjustment                                        from £18
Elastic inserted                                                  from £15
Pockets inserted (Each)                                    from £10

Bridal / Prom dresses
Hem reduction (one layer)                                from  £40
Hem reduction (more details/ layers)              from £60
Side seams (with zip / boning)                         from £30
Centre back panel insert                                  from £60
Shoulder strap shortening                               from £20
Sleeves re-structure / new                                from £30     
Cleavage re-structure                                        from £30
Cup inserts                                                        from £25
Creating a fabric brooch                                   from £10
Bolero (New)                                                       from £50
Lifting the waistline                                          from £40
Re-sizing  (each size)                                       rom  £20
Zip replacement                                                from £15
Waistline widening (with inserts)                   from  £18
Hem reduction                                                   from £10
Hem reduction (Jeans)                                    from £6
Taper                                                                  from £15
Crotchline patch work                                     from £10

Jumper / Winter coat
Zip replacement                                               from £20
Patch work                                          (Basic) from £6
Pocket (full)                                                       from £8
Pocket (Half)                                                      from £5

Zip replacement                                               from  £18
Sleeves shortening                                         from  £18
Sleeves taper                                                   from £15
Shirt hem shortening                   (Bodice)   from £8
Bodice (full) re-sizing                                      from £15 
Bodice waistline only                      (Darts)   from £8     

Furnishings / curtains

Hem reduction (lined)                                     from £15
side reduction (each side)                              from  £8
Applying head tape                                          from £10

SEWING NEW OUTFITS (All fabrics supplied by clients)

Mens waistcoat                                                from £60
Mens Shirt                                                       from £40
Mother-of-the Groom/Bride (2 piece)              from £250
African Buba & wrapper                        (Lace)    from £20
African styled Blouse                                        from £45
African styled skirt                                            from £40
Cullottes                                                            from £60
Trousers                                                           from £60
Dress styled (long)                                             from £70
Maxi (dartless)                                                  from £40

Please note that we accept all major cards, online or in store.
Same day and short notice tailoring services, undertaken.
No fitting facilities (We do not have any fitting rooms). Please fit your outfits and come and instruct us how you want your outfits done, please. Thanks for your patronage.
Holidays Information:

CLOSED December'17 Sunday 24th, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th and Sunday 31st December 2017. We apologise for any customer inconveniences on these dates.


 Customer Loyalty Offers 10% discount DEALS on tailored items only- begins October 1st 2017 - SHOP STORE .


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